What is Ocular Surface Disease (OSD)?
The ocular surface is the front most layer of the eye. This layer is comprised of a complex blend of tear components that bathe the surface of the eye to provide comfortable eyes and clear vision. OSD is a compromise in this layer that can often result in fluctuating vision or gritty, sandy, dry feeling eyes.
How does Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) cause inconsistent/fluctuating vision?
The eye accepts and forms an image by bending light and making it come into focus. Much like a camera lens or a windshield of a vehicle, if that surface is disrupted it will not allow light to properly pass through. Very often, if this surface is not stable It will result in blurry vision and maybe even prohibit one from successful glasses and/or contact lens wear.
If I can’t wear glasses or contact lenses won’t LASIK just “fix” it for me?
Absolutely not! Actually, this is one of main misconceptions of OSD. Many people find themselves very unhappy with their LASIK results because the OSD was not properly addressed to begin with. Without a pristine ocular surface it is difficult to find a stable prescription in order to assure successful LASIK or any refractive surgery.
I have been told I have “dry eye” before, I used the artificial tears that were recommended but I really don’t feel a difference. Why do doctors continue to talk about it and do I really have dry eye?
Unfortunately, the term “dry eye” has become and is being used as a blanket or generic term. That is part of the reason you won’t hear it used often when discussing your condition with Dr. Gee. The tears are complex and most of the time artificial tears are just patchwork for a more significant issue going on with the ocular surface.
Afterall, aren’t we just talking about tears? I don’t understand why all the concern and why all of a sudden?
In multiple scientific studies, patients described a negative or decrease in quality of life due to their “dry eye symptoms.” In some cases that progress in severity over time, permanent damage to the ocular surface and/or tear glands can occur and it is irreversible resulting in instability of vision.
Why does insurance not cover some of these tests/treatments?
With all emerging technology, insurance companies do not recognize some of the most cutting-edge, albeit very beneficial treatments and therapies. Simply put, we are providing and recommending what is best for you depending on what you need even if your insurance company disagrees.
Ocular Surface Disease & Restoration Center, what exactly is "restoration?"
Often with the appropriate treatment protocols, again determined by the appropriate testing, Dr. Gee can employ therapies to restore your tears components. This restoration may also have addition benefits such as decreasing redness associated with the dermatological condition known as rosacea. With all this accomplished he may be able to restore your ability to successfully have clear vision and comfortable contact lens or surgery to correct your vision.
How long do these treatments take and will I have to take time off work? Are there any restrictions to what I can do after the treatments?
Depending on the number of treatments performed during your visit, the visit should be no longer than 30-45 minutes. You will have no restrictions and may return to work immediately if you desire.
How long do these treatment last? Will I need to repeat treatments and how often?
Depending on the severity of your condition, the retreatment time will vary greatly. However, most conditions require an initial treatment and should last for 24-48 months. In some extreme cases multiple treatments may be required.

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